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Zeppole pastries on Saint Joseph day 0Comments

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Stile Mediterraneo

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zeppole pastries

To celebrate Saint Joseph day, in Puglia we eat Zeppole. They are delicious and ….huge pastries, which you can only find in March. Therefore if you are in Puglia and you miss them….you’ll have to come back next year!

I have always loved Saint Joseph day. March 19th is my father’s name day (his name is Giuseppe or Joseph) and is also Father’s day in Italy. So lots of things to celebrate today!! We have always had a big family lunch….and in the afternoon lots of friends come celebrate my father, bringing big trays with huge zeppole pastries. And when I say huge….I mean it!

Because of their size, it is always very tricky to eat zeppole without getting some lemon cream all over the face!

Zeppole are made of a baked or deep fried dough, topped with lemon custard and chocolate creams. Usually they are 2.1 inches in diameter! You can also find a smaller version, but given that they are only made once per year, you’d rather have the huge ones!

Do you celebrate Saint Joseph day? what do you do?

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